A woman walks out on her husband and two children without a word of explanation. She’s driven by an irresistible force. She wants to be free. Nora (40) roams through a museum in Vienna, has sex with a young man and hitchhikes randomly on to Bratislava. She hides her identity by telling little lies. She changes her look, finds work as a chambermaid and makes friends with a young Slovakian stripper, Etela, and her husband Tamás, a cook. Meanwhile in Berlin, Philip (mid 40s) is trying to manage his family, his job and his affair with Monika. Against his own convictions he has to defend a racist teenager in court, who has beaten an African man into a coma. He struggles with his role as a single parent and cannot really commit himself to Monika as his everyday life has lost meaning since Nora disappeared. The only person Philip really opens up to is the unconscious coma patient. Nora’s desire for freedom is Philip’s chain.​

Johanna Wokalek
Hans-Jochen Wagner
Inga Birkenfeld
Andrea Szabová
Ondrej Koval

One Two Films | BFILM | ZAK Film Productions | ZDF Kleines Fernsehspiel

DIRECTOR Jan Speckenbach SCRIPT Jan Speckenbach, Andreas Deinert PRODUCED BY Jamila Wenske, Sol Bondy COPRODUCER Peter Badac, Jelena Goldbach LINEPRODUCER Milena Klemke PRODUKTIONMANAGER Seven Swirko, Dominika Faberova CINEMATOGRAPHY Tilo Hauke FILM EDITING Jan Speckenbach PRODUCTION DESIGN Juliane Friedrich COSTUME DESIGN Stephanie Riess, Zuzana Hudakova, Anna Wübber MAKE-UP Michaela Payer, Eva Kranich, Aline Schlegel SOUND Jan Hetmer, Tobias Rüther, Andreas Samland SOUNDDESIGN Marian Alexander Mentrup

Alexa | Sony | Cooke S4 | 2,39:1

Festivals & Awards

Grimmepreis 2020 | Nomitation
Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung. FBW | Prädikat besonders wertvoll | Highly Recommended
70th Locarno Festival (Concorso internazionale)

51st Hof International Film Festival, Germany
Warsaw Film Festival, Poland
Valladolid International Film Festival, Spain
41st São Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil
Internationales Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg, Germany
The Northern Film Festival, The Netherlands
48th International Film Festival of India 2017, GOA^
39. Biberacher Filmfestspiele

Freiheit Tilo Hauke